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Everything you 'auto'  know about us

We are a small group of vehicle enthusiasts who wanted to provide vehicle owners with a convenient and simple way to find reputable automotive service providers online. At the same time we wanted to help businesses build their reputation and get the recognition they deserve.

To make this possible we came up with the concept of Vehicle-Repairs.UK. It’s an online directory that connects consumers to the best bodyshops and automotive garages in their area. 
We know it can be frustrating spending hours searching website after website trying to find the service you need. Whether it’s a paint touch up, wheel refurbishment, Dent removal, mechanical repairs, or body repairs, we want to make quality automotive services easy to find.

That is why we developed an easy to use site that allows consumers to quickly find the specific service they need and then leave feedback for others.

We’re passionate about automobiles and helping new and existing vehicle repair companies, small and large garages and mobile or static body shops win more business. Our service gives independent companies the chance to increase their online presence and establish a record of customer opinions and reviews.

Our friendly and helpful team make it easy for businesses to use our service. We care about the companies we work with and love to see them receiving great feedback and generating more business.

Starting with Wakefield,Leeds,Bradford Huddersfield,Sheffield and Barnsley,and then the rest of Yorkshire, our vision is to become the UKs leading web based intermediary between consumers and independent automotive service providers.


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